Production Automation​​

Enterprise IoT

The Internet of Things is a key component of production automation that enables the implementation of Industry 4.0 class solutions.

Hardware and software of this type are responsible for the communication of devices (robots, sensors, peripherals) – most often for control, diagnostics, monitoring and data collection for analytical purposes.

We design and manufacture Enterprise IoT class devices to meet the needs of a particular customer while maintaining security principles, using industry standards with a flexible method of accounting (billing).

Machine Vision

This is another element necessary to implement modern and adaptive Production Automation solutions.

It is an automatic visual analysis of the environment or objects, similar to human vision and on its basis, adapting (reprogramming) the behaviour of robots depending on the current needs.

Several technologies and solutions are used to implement this component – both hardware and software – from the Computer Vision group such as Robotic Senses and Machine Learning.


One of Machine Vision applications is Quality Assurance, which means checking the quality of an item on an ongoing basis and taking appropriate action (repair or rejection of the product) depending on the result.