Beholder Platform


Beholder is a modern platform for event detection and alarm triggering, being a part of a solution used for an early detection of various kind of problems, including fire (Fire Detection System).

It uses the most advanced technologies like low-power detectors, communication devices and sophisticated algorithms that process millions of data messages describing the status of the monitored devices and their environment.

It is a composite situational awareness system, analyzing a big number of events coming from various field sensors (physical parameters metering, thermovision cameras, etc.) in real time. Basing on that, the system makes decisions on recognizing a potential problem (like fire) and triggering an alarm.

Early fire hazard detection system

The problem of fire hazards occurs even in the currently used, modern technologies of storing and supplying electricity. These hazards are extremely dangerous or at least costly when vehicles are stationary, switched off and parked close together. This situation occurs, for example, in the case of overnight stationing of a fleet of vehicles, e.g. city vehicles, in a depot or hangar.

The field solution that responds to this type of threat is the system for early detection, signaling and alarming of fire hazards of traction batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles, built on the basis of the Beholder Platform.


Beholder platform - use cases

The companies that first became interested in solutions based on the Beholder platform, detecting fire hazards in vehicles, were public transport companies.