Nowadays it is not enough to deploy a robot that repeats the same identical steps to accomplish goals, i.e. move his arm in the same way or use his accessories with exactly the same force. Due to little differences in many production processes and their stages, shape, position, structure of material can vary and robot must act accordingly. In order to do so, we need to provide several senses that will allow the robot to see or feel just like human beings do. 


When an adaptive robot is working with the press that produces vinyl records (which, by the way, tend to be increasingly popular nowadays), he need to determine via special camera system if particular vinyl record is stuck with the upper or bottom press arm – and then he needs to figure out the correct set of movements and force to take off the vinyl and transport it safely and effectively to the next location.

Custom Electronic Devices

As mentioned, special equipment is required to to provide true Robotic Senses. We need to design, build prototypes and deliver short production series of custom electronic devices, i.e. cameras, optical sensors, pressure sensors etc. We cooperate with our premium subcontractors and suppliers that are extremely helpful in providing us with high-quality hardware components. Last but not least, all these stunning equipment have to be properly integrated into a complete robotic solution. There is a lot of software out there, including Computer Vision modules and Machine Learning.

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